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Part of the Parthenon frieze displayed at The British Museum in London.

Hacking away at hackathons

A request from the business for your team to do a hackathon can be a signal of some underlying issues.

Close up of "Ugolino and His Sons" by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux at The MetropolitanMuseum of Art in New York City

The feedback iceberg is always ahead of you

Your goal isn’t to stop late-arriving feedback – because that’s an impossible dream. Instead, think ahead of how to handle it when it comes.

"The Impossible, III" by Maria Martins.

The release valve

Software engineers live in a world filled with problems and issues. A big part of your job as a person managing them is to get them talking about them.

Avoiding the estimation death spiral

Instead of being buried beneath planning meetings and detailed estimates, empowered engineering teams and organizations should negotiate on scope as well as timeline

Paper lanterns from the Indianapolis Museum of Art (Newfields) Christmas decorations

A shared context is a manager’s first goal

As humans, we each have our own context and version of reality. Part of your job as a manager and leader is to make sure others know the world you’re carrying in yours.