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Managing other human beings is hard – and software engineers perhaps especially so.

Many folks stumble into this role because they are excellent programmers and team leaders, and companies promote them and then expect them to go figure it out.

And it can be tough to keep your head above water, risking burnout not just for yourself but for the team you manage.

More than twenty years of managing software engineers in startup and agency contexts have given me a lot of hard-won lessons and techniques to help manage the stresses that come with this often bewildering job.

My coaching consists of two one-hour sessions per month, walking through what you or your team are struggling with right now and ways to think about those struggles. I will arm you with techniques to try to ease that suffering among your team – and maybe yourself.

I’m outside your company and outside your reporting structure. I’m here to help you, not necessarily the company you work for, and I will maintain the confidentiality of our chats.

It’s a bit like therapy, but with more if statements and more people and processes to manage.