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A cropped inset of "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper showing a few folks around a diner bar late at night.

Why become an engineering manager?

Stepping into an engineering manager role can be scary, but the long term benefits to personal growth can be huge.

A decorative sculpture of a jester from Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada.

Are we having fun yet?

Engineering management can lean toward the serious and wrought, but always look for chances to inject fun and whimsy into the culture.

A cropped portion of "the Life Line", a painting by Winslow Homer in the Philadelphia Museum of Art showing a rescue at sea by wire.

Save QA for when the fall is deadly

Putting engineers in control and responsibly for their own quality for as long as you can increases a sense of ownership and care.

Paper lanterns from the Indianapolis Museum of Art (Newfields) Christmas decorations

A shared context is a manager’s first goal

As humans, we each have our own context and version of reality. Part of your job as a manager and leader is to make sure others know the world you’re carrying in yours.